Weston Hirschauer

Weston Hirschauer


Exercise Science, B.S.
USAPL Club Coach



Growing up Weston was the overweight, uncoordinated, and picked last at recess kind of kid. This made conventional sports a challenge for him and had him preferring to stay inside to play video games by himself. It wasn’t until freshman year of high school that Weston was struck with motivation to do something about his weight. This led to him rapidly losing 70lbs in 6 months through excessive exercise and very restrictive eating. Weston, now a skinny-fat 160lb high schooler, realized that he knew nothing, like John Snow, about training or nutrition.

This led him to pursue his bachelors of Exercise Science at Iowa State University. During his freshman year Weston found and joined the university's weightlifting club which introduced him to powerlifting. This is where Weston’s passion for powerlifting began. He finally found a sport where he fit in and made some of his best friends through the sport and club. By his senior year Weston was the “unofficial head powerlifting coach” for the club working with the majority of the powerlifters to great success.

Weston’s experiences at Iowa State is what led him to want to coach powerlifting as a career. Weston loves powerlifting because it is a sport for everyone. No matter your body type or level of competitiveness, powerlifting has something to offer everyone. 

Weston specializes in working with athletes that have unique training situations. Whether it’s athletes who struggle to make progress with traditional training programs, athletes who struggle with nagging injuries or tweaks, and everything in between. As an athlete who has struggled with traditional training programs in the past Weston learned to become a creative problem solver to drive his own progress. He has been able to use his experiences to help athletes find their own unique solutions to training when traditional training programs don’t work.

If you are an athlete who struggles with traditional training and needs a unique situation Weston might be the right coach for you!

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