We've earned quite a few 5-star reviews over the years and wanted to show some of them off.
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Best gym environment I've ever been to, ditch your 24 hr fitness membership and join this gym!

Jose S.

Love this place!! Started out with 0 lifting experience and the coaches here paced me through an amazing program. The community in this place is the reason I keep coming back.

Best decision of my life stepping into this gym, my whole outlook on working out has changed! Coaching is affordable, gym is 24/7, everything you need to lift is right around you.

Alaa A.

First time for anything is nerve wrecking for me. But here I was really taken care of and everyone is helpful and supportive of everyone in everything they do. Really happy and glad that my first experience here was this much fun with supporting and loving and caring people!!

Michelle N.

There is no ego here. This is not one of those mega flex places where it's crowded and it feels like everyone is judging you. It is the total opposite. PS focuses on the mental and physical strength of a person which is critical to weight training.

Phoebe C.

Quality equipment and good environment. Everyone I've met here has been very friendly and the management is good. It's a great place to go if you're looking to learn and improve.

Garrett G.

Great gym with great equipment. Definitely check it out if you are interested in training with others who are interested in strength and powerlifting.

Raymond C.

Great gym with 24 hour access.

Justin H.

The overall vibe and atmosphere of this place is the best part about this place. Everyone from the staff to the gym members are friendly, supportive, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Another plus is the competition level equipment found here so if you are a powerlifter or any other type of strength athlete then you should definitely check this place out. It's a small place but it has everything a serious gym goer could need.

Mark N.

Great place that's currently in the middle of growing yet still feels perfectly accommodating and well put together.

Rob N.

This gym has been one of the best gym I've lifted at so far! It has everything you think you would need and more! Plus everybody is super friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend PS as your go-to gym!

Jenny S.